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Andrew Hemming
BVSc(hons) – Veterinarian

Dr Andrew Hemming graduated from the University of Queensland in 2005 with honours and immediately embarked on an internship training position with the Queensland Veterinary Specialists and Pet Emergency Room which has stood him in good stead for life as a vet.

He moved to Tasmania to explore the island and worked with all forms of life, including dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep,  goats and alpacas, and even ended up doing a bit of work on King Island, where he enjoyed the luxuries of cheese, beef, and fresh air. He also developed a love of caramel slice while living in Tasmania.

Eventually, the mainland called again, and his vet work took him by 4wd through VIC, the ACT, NSW, NT and finally back to QLD where he was even called upon by the DPI and Qld Government to assist in controlling the infamous horse flu outbreak. He eventually settled back in Ipswich which he has called home for the last 12 years. He loves the excitement and challenge of being a vet and wouldn’t have it any other way.

In his spare time, he loves to play with “Normus” his Border Collie. His passion is to get out in the garden and get dirty; growing what he can for the kitchen table. He also can't get enough camping and 4wdriving and even writes articles for "4wd Action" magazine as a freelancer. He can be found kayaking on the upper reaches of the Brisbane River, our out on his bike. His biggest achievement was conquering the ACE250 - a mammoth 250km ride through the Victorian Alpine region.


The love of his life “Mila” his gorgeous daughter can always crack a smile on Daddy no matter how long his day at work was; that is if he isn’t being amused by “Charlie”, her big sister!

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Sarah Hemming
Practice manager

Sarah’s introduction into the animal industry was as a qualified dog groomer in Sydney. From here she landed a position as a live-in vet nurse at a hospital for over 6 years, and whilst studying and completing her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing she was promoted to head nurse. The sunnier states then called and whilst in QLD, Sarah was given the opportunity to complete the DELTA Good Citizen Dog Training Certificate and through her work, studied animal behaviour for 2 years.

She has a strong passion for behaviour, which shows during her very popular, fun and educational puppy preschool classes. A move to Townsville allowed Sarah the opportunity to develop her advanced nursing skills in a busy emergency Hospital. This also qualified her as a Workplace Trainer and Assessor to help develop and train junior nurses in the Certificate IV Nursing traineeship program, which she loves doing.

Sarah has a passion for the industry, and has done further study achieving a Cert IV in business management. She has focused on small animal nutrition and has completed the Myofunctional Therapy Course. This allows her to achieve quicker and superior recoveries for animals post surgery, but what excites her most is making senior pets more comfortable in their golden years.

In her spare time (if she gets any), she enjoys chilling with her family, and she is besotted with her two daughters “Charlie” and “Mila”. She has a generous array of pets including cows, alpacas, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. If not at home, Sarah is walking the dogs or trying to catch some sun in the great outdoors!

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Clinic Coordinator / Veterinary Nurse

Born and raised in South Africa, Tanya joined the veterinary field to completing her certificate IV in veterinary nursing. Initially working at as a therapeutic horse riding instructor for disabled children, she transitioned to her real calling - veterinary nursing. Initially a client, followed by work placement, she waited for an opportunity to join the Ripley vet team to bring her passions and dreams to life. 


When she is not busy at work Tanya is being supermom to her beautiful daughter Emilia. She also has her furbabies Bella (a rescued Chihuahua x mini foxy) and Lio (a domestic shorthair feline) and their two Isla Brown chooks.


In her spare time she enjoys family outings, 4wdriving and camping trips to get out and explore our beautiful country.

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Dr Laura 

Laura has graduated as a vet from the University Alfonso X El Sabio in Madrid in 2013.  Upon completing her degree she moved to Newcastle (UK) working as a small animal practitioner for 4 years.

She has also worked alongside several wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups where she uses her amazing vet skills to help those who can't help themselves.

Her partner convinced her to travel across the world (lucky for us) and since arriving in Australia she has been enjoying learning our slang, and idioms while preparing to sit the National Veterinary Examination allowing her to practice as a vet in Australia. While she is waiting for COVID restrictions to ease, and the examination process to get back to normal, she is keeping herself occupied by helping us out as a supernurse.

If she's not working or hiking Queensland's National Parks, she's playing with her little chihuahua "Pepe" who she loves to the moon and back!



Clinic Cat/Co-CEO/After-hours Support/Staff Stress Relief/Cuddle Buddy

I started my clinic cat life by charming all the staff into loving me. I even managed to get Meika on my side and then I just had to stay!


I'm good at keeping patients warm and also warming equipment! You may see me hard at work on top of some of the machines around the place. I'll happily take cuddles from anyone who wishes to give them but don't forget that I'm your top priority from then on!

I let Meika think she runs the place but really I'm the true boss and everyone knows it. 



Clinic Cat/co-CEO/After-hours Support/Security/Comic Relief

I love every minute of my life since being introduced to the world of being hospital cat (Dr Andrew found me under his tractor as a tiny little stray kitten)!

I would definitely say I've got an adventurous spirit... although I can be a little clumsy at times. I keep the staff entertained with my antics always finding something new to climb or showing off my amazing tightrope walking. I'm always interested in helping patients finish their food or just happy to say 'hi'!

I don't mind a cuddle from time to time - wet food should always be the reward for my loyalty. I'm glad I've got an awesome new job running a clinic. Don't know what they would do without me!