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Looking for a fresh start?

What We Offer

As an ASAV Accredited hospital, we provide the gold standard in clinical & professional excellence. We value the highest standard of care and advocate for our patients. A focus on professional development and growth opportunities is provided through both external programs and internal mentoring and coaching. 

We are a family-owned business, a growing practice, and mostly importantly, a team. Team collaboration is at the heart of our practice, with an open communication policy on feedback and input! 

Finally, we pride ourselves on our team culture. We have a fun, innovative, and supportive team, who love what we do.

What We Look For

  • Passion for learning, with a growth mindset 

  • Compassion for animals, with a high standard of care for patients

  • A team player; someone who works and communicates effectively as part of our team 

  • Ability to think quickly on your feet, and handle the unexpected in a dynamic fast-paced environment

  • An enthusiastic and professional attitude

  • A good sense of humour, with something new to bring to the table!

Does this sound like you?

Our Values






Current Positions Available

Client Liaison / Receptionist

Do you make people smile and see the good in life? Do you bring positive energy and vibes wherever you go?

Are you a multitasking jedi because you have excellent organizational and time management skills and a high attention to detail?

We need a full time client liaison like you to join our reception team in our ever-growing accredited vet hospital.

Learn more about this position and how to apply



Are you a seasoned veterinarian with a minimum of 3 years of post-university experience? Do you
possess the passion, performance prowess, and an unwavering growth mindset? If you're a driving force in the world of veterinary care and share our values of grit, compassion, integrity, and respect, then welcome to a unique opportunity!

Learn more about this position and how to apply here

Let’s Work Together

If we sound like your ideal clinic, get in touch so we can start working together!

To apply, send an email directly to

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