Ripley Veterinary Hospital prides ourself with having a passion for your pet’s health. We are experienced in all areas of medicine, surgery, dermatology, oncology, dentistry, behaviour, rehabilitation and maybe more importantly, preventative health care.

We appreciate that you may also need to use the services of a specialist vet from time to time - we have a fantastic relationship with many of the specialists in Brisbane and communicate with them regularly.

Our equipment is sourced from the best providers in the business meaning the best outcome for your pets. We are proud to say we have specialist quality dental, laboratory, pathology, x-ray and medical equipment.

Our blood testing machines are comparable to those used at the high end specialist centres meaning quicker results, and less running around for you.

We know the value in developing your puppy from a young age, and have a fantastic puppy preschool program and behavioural unit, including a ‘delta’ qualified trainer.


What can we do for you? Your pet's health as well as your satisfaction is our main focus!