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Consulting is a major part of what we do at Ripley Vets! We will see your pets for many things, including but not limited to, general health checks, vaccinations, dental checks, skin concerns, sore ears and eyes and behavioural conditions. We pride ourselves on being thorough, so we allocate at least twenty minutes per consultation. This helps us to ensure we have time to acquire a full history from you, for a complete physical examination of your pet, and provide a structured treatment plan to address your concerns.

For more complex consultations, such as skin and behavioural concerns, we allocate longer consult times to allow for an in-depth discussion and assessment. If you require an urgent appointment, we endeavour to book you in as a priority consultation, so that your furry family member can be seen and cared for.  

As a fear-free focused clinic, we perform all our consultations with fear free techniques. This includes the use of Feliway and Adaptil (products that emulate natural pheromones released by their mother to soothe kittens and puppies, respectively), minimal restraint techniques and offering treats to keep your pet soothed and engaged. 

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