Ripley Veterinary Hospital prides ourselves with having a passion for your pet’s health. We are experienced in all areas of medicine, surgery, dermatology, oncology, dentistry, behaviour and just as importantly, preventative health care. We also appreciate that you may want to use the services of a specialist vet from time to time; we have a fantastic relationship with many of the specialists in Brisbane.

Our equipment is sourced from the best providers in the business, and we are proud to say we have specialist quality dental and laboratory equipment, as well as x-ray and medical equipment. Our blood testing machines are comparable to those used at the specialist centres. 

We know the value in developing your puppy from a young age, and have a fantastic puppy preschool program and behavioural unit, including a ‘delta’ qualified trainer.

What can we do for you? Your satisfaction and your pet’s health is our main focus!

Our staff:

We have carefully selected our team to provide you with the best possible service to result in your ultimate satisfaction. Of course our team are passionate about animals, but we are also here to listen to your needs, concerns and stressors. We know it can be difficult to have your best mate sick in hospital, and we have all been there. We will do everything we can do to keep your stress levels down and will keep you up to date on your pet’s progress (two updates per day for hospitalised sick patients). Please meet our staff on our “meet the team” page, or give us a call and say “hi”.


After hours assistance:

Please call us on 07 3816 4717 for emergency after-hours contact information. 
We refer after hours emergencies to the Animal Emergency Services located at Jindalee.
You can call them directly on 07 3715 9999. 


Ever got the feeling you are being rushed in and out of your appointments? We have a standard 30 minute appointment so not only can our vet do a full and thorough examination of your furbaby, but so that the vet can get to know you and them like friends. We will cover all concerns and questions, ensuring that you leave confident and satisfied that your pet's health is number one.

Preventative medicine

In today's fast paced world, often what we want to know is that our pets are going to be healthy and live pain free lives.  What can be done now for your pets preventatively is amazing! Annual health checks and complete vaccinations are integral for the long term health of your pet. Annual blood tests can give your vet an insight into how your pet's organs are functioning, allowing early intervention and less discomfort for your pet.

Surgical intervention

When the need arises and your loved ones have ailments, lumps, bumps, a dog fight or a ruptured cruciate ligament, Ripley Vets has the know how to get these things fixed. Your pet will have the most up to date knowledge, facilities and best nurses in the Ipswich area ensuring the best outcome for them and yourself. Suspected tumors will be sent to a local pathologist for fast diagnostics and a quicker result for you and your pet. Read our newsletter article on knee surgery and rehabilitation.


When your pet needs to go under anaesthetic, it's no mean feat. We understand the stress you feel and the anticipation leading up to the day. We reduce the risk of anaesthetics by not only running a blood test screening common issues that affect anaesthetics, but ensuring every animal that undergoes an anaesthetic has intravenous fluids for the entire day to support their blood pressure and organ systems, resulting in smoother anaesthetics and improved anaesthetic wakeups. 

Dental Services

Ripley Vets pride ourselves on using the most up to date knowledge on dental disease to ensure your pet's mouth is comfortable, healthy and not smelly.  Dental disease is common in our pet population, and often is left untreated or isn't picked up at all. The result of this is severe mouth soreness, going off food, and eventually kidney and liver failure, and death. Every dental we perform includes dental radiographs to ensure we know exactly what is going on under the gum line. It's not just looking at a tooth. The health of every tooth lays at the root (something you can't see with the naked eye). Read our newsletter article on dental disease.

Diagnostic equipment

On location, we are equipped to get to the bottom of your problems in a timely manner. Your pet doesn't need to travel to foreign facilities to get things sorted. In house we can get speedy results through x-rays (radiographs), ultrasounds, eye testing equipment and more. 

Laboratory and blood testing

Ever waited nervously for a blood result from your doctor? Most of our blood tests can be performed on site, with results in under half an hour. That takes a stress out of your day and faster results for your furry family, leading to a faster treatment period.

Titre Testing

Titre testing is useful after dog vaccinations to indicate antibody levels for the three core canine vaccines (distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus). In this way our veterinarians can modify vaccine programs for your pet. The test is run in house and in most cases will give you results the same day. We include your annual health check with the titre test and recommend you still vaccinate for Kennel Cough yearly as the test does not cover this. This is a great effective and affordable option for those wishing to monitor antibodies and only vaccinate when necessary!

The cut-off values of the VacciCheck kits correlate with the vaccination recommendations of the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine.

House calls

Sometimes you just want the vet to come to you! Whether it be that your pet is too large, or doesn't like travelling in the car. Maybe you have a whole menagerie that you want all vaccinated at the same time? Perhaps, as sad as it is, the time has come to make that difficult decision. Your loved companion will be much more comfortable at home in their own surroundings with family around them at the end. 

Puppy preschool and socialisation classes

When your puppy enters the world, they don't know the ins and outs of how to behave. Some of it they can learn from Mum, some of it off you as pet owners, but they learn the most out of socializing with dogs of their own age. Socialising your puppy significantly reduces the likelihood of them developing unsavoury behavioural issues, but also allows them to communicate better with other dogs, meaning less dog fights, less barking and no angry neighbours. Read more about puppy preschool here and check out facebook for current classes.

Fear Free Services

Our goal is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. We strive to hold each pet's emotional as well as physical well being in mind at all times as we provide care for them, realizing that it's not possible to treat one without the other. We recognize that Fear Free is a whole-lifestyle approach to pet care and we try to improve the lives and well being of animals in every moment of their lives, not only in the veterinary hospital. We plan to keep up to date in Fear Free techniques and encourage others to adopt the Fear Free approach.

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