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Internal & External Diagnostics

Ripley Veterinary Hospital is home to multiple high quality internal diagnostic machines, which are used to run a wide range of tests including blood profiles, urinalysis, thyroid assays and phenomav levels to assess seizure medication. These internal diagnostic machines enable our team to quickly obtain many results without the need to send samples away to an external lab, resulting in a faster outcome for your and your fur babies. 


As a small animal accredited hospital, we always recommend a blood test prior to any anaesthetic procedure, as this allows us to evaluate the kidneys, liver, electrolytes and blood cells to ensure it is safe to proceed. These tests also aid us in evaluating unwell patients and are often key in the diagnosis of different medical conditions and diseases.

Given the wide range of medical cases we see, certain tests, such as faecal analysis and lump histopathology, that require special handling or interpretation are sent away to an external laboratory. 

If any diagnostics are required, our clinical team will always explain the tests that are necessary and why these are important.

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